P&N Career Solutions Group is a licensed private employment agency that provides intermediary services between the persons seeking jobs and the parties seeking personnel and provides personnel employment in the labor market with the authorization it has received from the Turkish Employment Agency.

We offer selection and placement services to various sectors, especially logistics and international transportation, which are our area of expertise.

Our philosophy is to work with experts who know the sectors in every aspect. While our industry expertise goes back 40 years, we have added this knowledge and experience to the employment of qualified personnel for the last 20 years. We are aware of the importance of ethical values in employment. We continue to ensure continuity, consistency and success with our professional approach that develops accordingly.


“If your CV is ready, your job is ready.”

If your goal is a new career, you are at the right place to find the job and employer that best suit your competencies. Achieving this goal is possible with our experience.

Shape your career based on your interests, skills and values. Our evaluations with a functional roadmap will identify the mistakes and lay the groundwork for the rights.

“Leave the job search to its expert, spend the time with your beloved ones.


“Save your time, reach the right candidate”

It is not a coincidence that you come across this address when you are looking for personnel with sufficient knowledge and experience who can adapt to your corporate culture and fill your job description. We know that you are looking for a solution partner with the awareness that reaching a solution with a non-business source is professional company management and with the motto “every job has an expert”.

You can reach expert consultants with sectoral knowledge and experience who can handle the workload of an employer and human resources unit with us. We are involved in all stages of analysis, interview, evaluation and decision making. We are proud to be your closest supporter in your recruitment process.

Our Consultants